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Project Documentation – Delta Shelter

An assembly of technical drawings
with the notion of explaining heavy details
with coloured schedules

This project promotes engagement with Project Specific Information, development process and preliminary documentation. It requires the application of accurate construction knowledge to the complete architectural fabric revealed in a ‘slice’ through a given building. This elevates the process of design development above simple assembly of isolated details from potentially unrelated standard solutions without an overriding concern for the final holistic integrity. A holistic concern for the transition from design intent to construction documentation is an important process element of the project learning.

By taking this pre existing structure located in Mazama, Washington, we were required to rebuild the structure out of a designated material. In My instance steel was the material of choice and henceforth construction details of steel fabrication followed.
Further design changes requested that we add a parapet and skillion roofing system, place the building upon a sloping site, and consult with engineers as to the loading restrictions on such steel spans.

Further Documentation and reflection

The drawings above indicate the level of detailed documentation required for this subject. Further drawings including Plumbing, electrical, internal fittings, joinery details and primary and secondary structure construction were handled as a group and there put together in the sub documentation.
These were two other large pieces of written documentation;

Both these files are in significant size, however fill free to click the link and explore this project further.

Exploring the difficulties of building with one media stretched and challenged myself into chasing all forms of outsourced media to learn as fast as the documentation was due. This constant focus upon steel connections due to loading and or purpose changed how the building felt and looked.
An appreciation for not only the built environment, but also the pioneering architects that challenged how and why we build structures that way. I feel as though I can walk away from this project with a sound understanding of steel construction.

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